šŸ¤–Machine Learning & AI Integration

In Development

Machine Learning & AI

The next step for the Decanect team is to integrate best practice Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to further refine our scanning technology and improve reliability.

  1. Recognize chart patterns to attempt to predict price movements

  2. Pattern recognition to help identify commonalities in successful tokens

  3. Pattern recognition to help identify commonalities in rug pulls

  4. Improve the reliability of our algorithms to ensure continuous improvement in our scanning technology

The Decanect team believes that the crypto space can benefit heavily from the integration of ML & AI especially when it comes to keeping users safe and providing the best possible data for our users to make more informed investment decisions.

To achieve this aim the Decanect team has on-boarded a Data Scientist to assist in the best practice implementation of these technologies.

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